Client feedback

I have had some wonderful feedback on my classes and I a really pleased to share of the genuine comments that I received with you below:


‘Just want to say how fantastic Mumtaz yoga classes are. Please please please ,more of her classes mid week (evenings) if possible.  Also, such a friendly gym, all the staff are helpful – best gym in Nottingham classes brilliant.’

(Virgin Active)


‘I want to say a big THANKYOU! to Mumtaz for her Saturday morning yoga classes. her calming voice and positive energy is THE ONLY way to start the weekend :)’

(Virgin Active)


‘I am going through a great deal of stress at present and her combination of positivity and meaning practice is really helping to relax. Thank you Mumtaz.’

( Virgin Active)


‘I took part in the 9-10am yoga in the lovely studio in the corner. The teacher was so descriptive and informative and clear catering for all abilities. She was absolutely super and full believes in her discipline, an absolute pleasure to take part in.’

(Virgin Active)


‘Mumtaz is a brilliant yoga instructor. She varies the sessions and encourages all to push themselves to our intelligent edge” her pleasant encouraging manner is very helpful.’

(Virgin Active)


‘Mumtaz yoga sessions are excellent and very popular. She is brilliant. Never let her leave.’

(Virgin Active)


‘Mumtaz’s yoga classes are brilliant sat am and sun pm. It has cured my back and is helping me get stronger, toned arms.’

(Virgin Active)


‘Loving yoga classes but we particularly like Mumtaz who is temporarily taking classes. She is BRILLIANT! More of her please?’

( Nuffield Health)


‘Mumtaz is excellent in her practice of yoga – would like to see her always here.’

( Nuffield Health)




9 thoughts on “Client feedback

  1. Mumtaz makes yoga so accessible…being 63 and only starting yoga in 2011, I find some of it beyond me. Mumtaz never makes me feel inadequate constantly telling us to only do what we’re happy with. I find I can do a little more each week, which really encourages me. She is SO calm too. A very special teacher. Nuffield is lucky to have her.

    • Dear Evadne, thank you so much for your encouraging kind words. I feel so privileged to be able to teach something that brings students both calmness and a great sense of well being. You inspire me, and show me it’s never too late to learn something new.
      Lots of light and peace Mumtaz.

  2. Thank you for your wonderful classes. They make a real difference to my world. You are a real inspiration and I protect my yoga time with you. It took me a while to realise when you say in your relaxation to “take yourself to your happy, special place to relax” that I stay exactly where I am. You have a very calming voice and a very non-judgemental approach. I feel the changes in my world and I like your approach to the chakras. Thank you for your guidance with my concerns on my over active third one! I find all the classes challenging but I know you don’t judge. I am learning that too as a life skill. Thank you.
    Tracy James
    (Wednesdays and Saturdays at Nuffield)

  3. Thank you Tracy for your lovely feedback, I feel honoured that I can help people like your selfs and thank you for your commitment to the classes !
    As without my dedicated students there would be no teacher.

    Sending you much peace and light.


  4. Mumtaz Haque is whom I find the best yoga teacher of my time. I feel that she releases such positive energy throughout her classes. I would strongly advise anyone and everyone to go to Mumtaz’s classes as I can assure you it will benefit you mentally as well as physically.
    Well Done Mumtaz!

  5. Mumtaz is a professional, supportive and inspiring teacher! She listens
    and takes care of her students, motivates and creates peaceful atmosphere during her classes. She has excellent knowledge about yoga and can spread her passion and positive energy to others! Her classes are suitable to everybody wishing to connect mind, body and soul!

  6. I’m currently undergoing a radiotherapy course where I have to lie on a hard surface with my head clamped into a tight-fitting perspex mask for a quarter of an hour every day. I have found the deep relaxation techniques I learned from Mumtaz’s CD absolutely invaluable. The technicians always comment on how still and comfortable I look throughout the process … and that is exactly how I feel! Thank you so much for helping me get through this.

    • Joyce I am so pleased I am able to help you during this time.
      Your outlook on life is so inspiring, and if there is anything else I can do to help, all you have to do is ask.
      Peace and love to you my dear.
      Mumtaz xx

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