Benefits of Yoga poses

Here are some of the poses we cover in class, hope you find them useful !!

Pose 1: Downward Facing Dog

Pose 2: Childs pose

Pose 3: Happy baby pose

Pose 4: Cobra

Pose 5: Cat pose

Pose 6: Cow pose

Pose 7:Pigeon pose

Pose 8: Four limbed staff pose

Pose 9: Bow Pose

Pose 10: Warrior 1

Pose 11: Warrior 2

Pose 12: Warrior 3

Pose 13: plank

Pose 14: Dolphin

Pose 15: Dolphin Plank

Pose 16: High Lunge

Pose 17: Extended Triangle

Pose 18: Extended side angle

Pose 19: Chair pose

Pose 20: Tree

Pose 21:  Lord of the Dancers pose

Pose 22: Mountain

Pose 23: Bound angle

Pose 24: Staff pose

Pose 25: Seated forward bend

Pose 26: Upward facing dog

Pose 27: Bridge pose

Pose 28: Head to knee forward bend

Pose 29: Corpse

Pose 30: Locust

Pose 31: Intense Side Stretch

 Pose 32: Half Lord of the Fishes

Pose 33: Standing Half forward Bend

Pose 34: Half Moon

Pose 35: Cow Face Pose

Pose 36: Garland

Pose 37: Gate Pose

Pose 37: Lotus

Pose 38: Crane

Pose 39: Camel


2 thoughts on “Benefits of Yoga poses

  1. Wonderful blog! I found it while surfing around on Yahoo News.
    Do you have any tips on how to get listed in Yahoo News?
    I’ve been trying for a while but I never seem to get there!


    • Hi there thank you ! I’m not sure how to get listed on Yahoo News, I just do the usual social media of Facebook, Instagram and twitter I guess that must have been it ??
      Thank you again.
      Peace and light.

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